The Story Line

You’ve just graduated from High School and got a job offer to join TradeBait® Global Asset Management at their Global Headquarters at 30 Wall Street in New York City’s Financial District. You can accept  the job now and start as soon as you graduate high school or, if you decide to further  your education, the job offer will still be on the table once you've earned your advanced degree.


Do you… Skip College, accept the job offer and take the Business Route?


Do you go to College, get an advanced degree, and then go to work for TradeBait® Global Asset Management after graduation?

This is just the first decision that has to be made as you make your way around the board. As a TradeBait® Global Asset Management employee your goal is to move as high up the corporate ladder as possible. There are 24 Levels beginning at Jr. Apprentice on the 1st floor and rising up through the ranks to become a Chairman/Chairwoman of the Board on the 12th floor.

The Decision

This is the game of your life. As you work your way around the board, your ability to create business deals by wheeling and dealing with other investors will be the key to how successful you are at the end of the game.  Your final Net Worth will be determined by how well you can capitalize  on your opponents financial misfortunes, their lack of investment experience and how strong your quest for the almighty dollar is.  In this game, as in the business world, you must be able to make investment decisions that are based on key factors like cash flow, debt load, liquidity, rate of return, probability, profitability, etc.  However... every once in awhile you must consider taking One of Life's Many Gambles.  They could be the key to your success.  But  beware...too many of Life's Gambles could be bad for your financial health and you could end up seeing a lot of red ink on your bottom line.

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